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In addition to his coaching, mentoring and healing work with individuals and organizations, Scott is now traveling the Americas and Europe presenting Healing Meditation seminars and trainings for healthcare professionals, clergy, massage therapists and lay-people. Individuals who may wish to be certified in this process as an addition to their present healing modalities, some of which qualify for professional CEUs. Please go to the "Travel Schedule" portion of this website for event details, dates and times.

Now, we have been acknowledged by the Unity movement with this recent article on

Sacred Healing Meditation Offers Healing and Comfort

By Lysa Allman-Baldwin

For 26 years, Unity minister Scott Sherman has been using and teaching Sacred Healing Meditation - a spiritually-based healing process that uses touch or near touch, unconditional love, guided meditation and prayer to connect the energy centers of participants’ minds and bodies.

To date, Sherman has traveled to nearly 300 Unity and New Thought churches throughout North America, sharing this meditation experience with more than 6,000 men, women and children. When teaching and training at Unity centers, Sherman uses the name "Unity Sacred Healing Circles."

Healing Consciousness
Denise Wheeler of Unity of Fort Meyers in Florida experienced a remarkable physical healing as a result of a Unity Sacred Healing Circle. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, she was preparing for surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments when she heard about the Circles.

Wheeler described her experience in a radio interview with Sherman. "When I came to [you], I was doubled in pain in the fetal position, and ... you picked me up and put me on the massage table. You asked me to straighten out. I was crying, ‘I can’t! It hurts too much!’"

What happened next, Wheeler says, is still difficult to put into words. "There was this moment, where I could feel what I can only describe as unconditional love coming over me. I could sense that there was this presence in the room. It felt Christ-like. I was being loved by the presence, but I was also feeling love for myself at the same time." According to Wheeler, in that instant, she knew "there’s no way I could possibly have cancer."

In spite of previous medical tests to the contrary, Wheeler says the doctors "were as surprised as anybody" that the cancer was gone. As a Unity student for nearly 20 years, Wheeler believes the experience moved her from a conceptual understanding of Unity’s teachings, to a higher level of consciousness.

"What I think happened during the [Unity Sacred Healing Circle is that] ... I actually became the embodiment of this knowing. The consciousness in me, who I am, became greater than the consciousness that was in [my] ego. ... I had to be open, receptive, willing and loving of myself, and [the feeling has] never left me."

It is important to note that Sherman is not advocating participation in Unity Sacred Healing Circles over seeking medical advice. "I urge each person to surrender to the experience, and to hold themselves as beloved, holy and whole, sacred and divine ... so that they are surrendering to the experience from [a] place of their own divinity and their own love for themselves."

Healing Experiences Expand
Sherman, currently the minister of EnVision Ministry in Jupiter, Florida, (an alternative member ministry of Unity Worldwide Ministries) says the practice is becoming more widespread. As a result, he is now training others to teach the process. "Hundreds of Unity [constituents] and other individuals have reported healings of physical, emotional, financial and relationship issues soon after experiencing the Sacred Healing Meditation," he notes. "I fully expect [it] ... to develop over the next few years. ... Hands-on spiritually based healing is becoming accepted even in some medical settings."

The results have been very positive. Rev. Andrew Conyer of Unity of Sebring, Life Enrichment Centre in Sebring, Florida, says Unity Sacred Healing Circles has breathed new life into his ministry. "We have found that after having Rev. Scott offer his program, many people in our church community appear to have a deeper commitment to practicing Unity principles as a way to complement wholeness in mind, body and spirit."

Unity of Louisville in Kentucky has held Unity Sacred Healing Circles for the past five years. "This continues to be a successful ministry of aligning Spirit ... to extend divine energy, bring renewed life physically, mentally and emotionally," says Rev. Susan EngPoole. "I foresee this ministry continuing to grow as it contributes to the health and harmony of all."

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